Residential & Commercial Property Rentals.

Looking for a once off rental or a monthly managed rental? Mawer & Delport always keep the process simple and well managed. We do background checks on all prospective tenants, we ensure that only the most suitable tenants are placed.

We are specialists in residential and commercial rental services. We have professionals in both residential and commercial as well as the rental portfolio covering a wide range of properties which will fulfil all rental requirements of all clients.

Residential Rentals

We have a wide portfolio for residential properties to rent which will suit all your requirements and budget. In our portfolio we have townhouses, flats and houses. Our professional team will make sure the process of finding a home will be easy and convenient to you.

Commercial Rentals

Our commercial renting portfolio covers a wide range of commercial properties. Our portfolio consists out of offices, shops, shopping centres, industrial sites, factories and buildings.

We have a space for you, for every purpose, whatever your budget is.


If you have commercial, industrial or residential property, contact us for once of rental or rental management.